4 Killer reasons why Sulphate and Paraben should not be in your Skin care products

Most of us do not know how much harmful Sulphate and Paraben are for our skin. In this blog, we will touchbase each and every aspect of SLS and Paraben and we will discuss how they impact your skin and why they should be avoided. But, in order to understand, let us first know what SLS means.

What does sulphate mean?

Sulphate is a chemical detergent and foam making agent which is used in personal care products. The term “sulfate” means that the detergent contains three sulfate groups (CH3SO3). The trade name for this type of detergent is “SLES”. The chemical formula for this detergent is NaHSO3. It is a white, slippery, and hygroscopic solid.

Sulphate is not a good ingredient to use in personal care products, Some experts believe that sulfate can cause severe epidermal changes, from thinning of the top layer of the epidermis to extreme dryness, and can cause particularly harmful irritation to already sensitive skin. It is important to note that not everyone who is sensitive to Sulphate will experience severe reactions, there are ways to avoid these reactions. A clearer understanding is still important.

What does Paraben Mean ?

Parabens are a group of ingredients commonly used in cosmetics and personal care products that act as preservatives to prevent the growth of fungi, bacteria and yeast. It is very effective in preserving the freshness of produce and preventing spoilage.

What does Sulphate and Paraben Free Mean and 4 reasons to use SLS and paraben free products?

It means that the product is free of both the chemicals. Both the chemicals have serious health hazards and not good for environment.

  1. They can cause severe epidermal changes, thus robe the skin of its natural oil.
  2. They also cause dryness and aggravate early signs of aging.
  3. Severe negative effect on the reproductive system.
  4. By choosing to use Sulphate and paraben Free products we actually save Mother nature too because these chemicals make the ways to the bodies of marine species and negatively impact aquatic ecosystem.
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Where to buy Sulphate and Paraben Soap in India? Are they capable of deep cleansing the skin?

At Ishmeet Organics all the soaps are sls and paraben free. You can buy online at Shop – Ishmeet Organics the short answer to the question is yes. There have been many studies shown that organic ingredients have the power to deeply cleanse the skin and remove the dirt from the pores.

All soaps will remove dirt and bacteria from the skin, but organic soaps are designed to remove the chemicals and toxins found in modern commercial soaps. Some people are wondering if natural ingredients can deep cleanse the skin. The cold pressed oils , glycerine and active ingredients present in the organic soap have the capability of pulling out the dirt from the pores which otherwise is very tricky without irritating the skin and without stripping the natural moisture of the skin.

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We hope you enjoyed the brief information on why it makes sense to opt for SLS and paraben products. We know that there are many skin care products out in the market that use these harmful ingredients, but there are some that don’t. We hope that you will feel more confident in the products you are using in the long run if they are free of these ingredients and will be able to enjoy your skin care routine knowing that you aren’t exposing yourself to a chemical that could be putting your health at risk. Please reach out to us if you have any further questions or concerns related to the article by visiting Ishmeet Organics| Handmade Soap| Organic Skincare|

Thank you for reading, we hope you have a great day!

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